Longterm investment

This type of investment suits those who prefer long term passive income from rental, all issues managed by our company and profit is frequent, continuous and reliable.

„The best investment is the one
you can keep for a lifetime.“

(Source: Warren Buffett)

Midterm investment

This investment is bought with the expectation of double profit; using a combination of passive rental income, along with the increase in property value over time for return when sold.

The largest profits in this field are achieved by creating an established apartment with a good evaluation and history to be later sold.

Short term investment

Do you like your investment on the go? Invest in lucrative properties, in a time range of 1-3 years, it is sold by us with assured high profit. After, we can again invest in another property with high growth and quick return on investment. The value of the real estate grows extremely fast in Budapest.

„Within last 5 years
the prices grew up to 201,39%"

(Source: Ingatlannet.hu)

Management and leasing

  • rental apartments 24/7
  • maintenance and cleaning
  • marketing and Promotion
  • communication with authorities

Economic and tax advice

  • leasing companies
  • knowledge of international legislation
  • optimization
  • certified tax advice



For more information, you can contact our experts anytime! Each partner will receive their own professional adviser.


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Hungary ranked first

European residential property markets have been on an ascending course for some time now, but what is really interesting about the current stats is that Hungary is way ahead of everyone. It registered the largest price increase of residential properties purchased by households both in annual and quarterly terms in the first three months of...


We bring you six simple rules that if you follow, your property will multiply and you in fact feel free to sleep. Stress and risk of investing does not belong into a modern and happy life. Stress and risk of investing does not belong into a modern and happy life 1.Rule of Wisdom Rule number...

Hungarian residential property market amazes

The price of residential properties purchased by households grew by 4% year on year in the European Union in the first quarter of 2016, and rose 3% in the Eurozone, the latest statistical release by Eurostat, the EU’s statistical office, showed on Tuesday. Hungary stands out with the biggest rise of over 5% in Q1...

Open Day Budapartment in Switzerland

Thanks to our partners, we organized an international conference in Zurich “Stronger Together Investment Day”. During this event, we introduced the concept Budapartment general public and specialists from the banking sector. The event was accompanied by a pleasant atmosphere, the investment sentiment and a rich accompanying program. Another STID annual conference will be held in...

We provide dynamic investment in the real estate market

Budapartment is a dynamic investment in the real estate market. The program is aimed primarily at corporate clients. The aim is to create an investment portfolio with our team of specialists. Example: Company A invested 840,000 EUR – this has been used to buy five apartments in the historic city center. After structural modifications to...

10 reasons to invest with Budapartment

1. We focus on a unique and emerging city, WHERE housing prices are growing at a very fast pace “Over the last five years prices have increased to 201.39 % ” (Source: Ingatlannet.hu ) . According EU statistics, 76 % of the companies doesn’t reach such a business growth. 2. MAKING REGULAR INCOME Investors from...

Create your pension with Budapartment

Many people have their savings deposited in banks, unable to be used. By invest-ing in your own apartment, you will increase the value of your money, thereby preventing deterioration of your savings. For more information contact our investment specialists

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